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Confronting The Truth About Sales As a Contented Writer

Growing! Learning! Professional Development! Personal Development! Joy! Frustration! Sales Techniques! There are so many things in my treasured box of entrepreneurship. However, I'm limiting this entry to the last one - Sales Techniques.


This is something, that I have avoided, skipped around, stepped over, for years. Even as I have started the new element of my business of content writing, I am building it via word of mouth, referrals and connecting with existing clients, rather than confronting the truth about sales. It's always been something to shy away from or outsource and quite frankly the concept of a salesperson grates on my nerves.

Surprisingly, this changed in the last month. I walked into Kinokuniya in Dubai and picked up a copy of Matthew Pollard's book - 'The Introvert's Edge; How The Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone'. It may not appear to be the most gripping title on earth, but if you are a self-confessed introvert combined with being an entrepreneur, it will tick quite a few boxes.

It's literally been revelational and if, like me, you become overwhelmed by sales pitches, I'd really recommend having a read.

My Big Take Away From The Book

There are numerous ideas that I have picked up from the book. The most useful has been to craft a system that I can return to and to understand the fact that, as Matthew Pollard says:

'it's the system over the sale that counts'

This is short post, but if you are stuck in terms of your sales and would like to craft a process either:

  1. Purchase the book; or

  2. Take a short cut and contact me as I'm willing to help any entrepreneurs out there to define or refine what they do and get selling in an unobtrusive manner, staying true to who you are. I'm still very much at the beginning of my new process, but so far, so good.

Please note that there are no affiliate links, just sharing a good resource.

Please email me with any questions:

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