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So You (a Non-Techie) Want To Start a Business?

Updated: May 22, 2020

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I have spoken to a number of friends and colleagues who are interested in starting a business. They have gifts and talents that are worth sharing with others. However, I’ve also noticed a hesitancy on their part that has been a part of my own journey as a consultant.

Having specialised in a number of areas including law, early childhood education, life coaching and content writing, I decided to set up a business a number of years ago. It was decidedly challenging to get started. I had no idea how to start, who to ask for help and/or how to move forward.

Where and How to Start?

A few years ago, websites were all the rage and the main way of starting a business. I asked a fellow consultant about the necessity of a website and was advised that while a website was ideal, any online presence was good enough to get started. That was a relief for me as I am not a self-described techie. The very thought of looking for a web designer was overwhelming, never mind the cost, 9 years ago!

Here’s a quick overview of some of the things that I did to get started.

  • I bought a planner and notebook (a huge must) and began making notes of every and anything that I thought may be useful to my work as a consultant. I wasn’t sure how everything would come together, but in my mind I knew the type of client that I wanted to serve. The word ‘serve’ is used intentionally as my chosen leadership style in between servant and distributive leadership.

  • I listened to my inner voice. That may sound quirky, but it became increasingly important to check-in to what I considered important. As the years went by, I have learned to listen and trust myself more. It doesn’t mean that everything was flawless.  I made a number of mistakes, but that's an article for another day.


  • I set up an ‘About Me’ page. It’s still online even though I do have a website, more than one actually. You can click on this link and have a look at how my one page online journey began. I eventually learned how to set up simple websites which is a mega achievement for someone like me!

I realise that I’m speaking from the position of a novice but I tend to keep things transparent. It was fairly difficult for me to get anyone to share their process, when I began. I had one colleague who was a few steps ahead of me and always happy to share. Other than that I learned things through my own experience.

My aim with respect to this article is to share information that’s helpful to the non-techie. I hope to continue these short episodes in a bid to save someone else from going round in as many circles as I did.

Thanks for reading!

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