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3 Tips For a Catchy Headline

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

My head is going round in circles with lots of useful information about how to run a successful writing business. I’ve decided to write some tips for anyone out there who, like me, is deconstructing the process.

Details matter to me. I believe that an essential part of any new start-up, is research and development. I’ve definitely had prior experience as a writer. However, Content With Words is taking me deeper, hence the topic for today, linked to headlines and titles.

I will get straight to the three salient points that you may consider when deciding upon a title for your article, blogpost, case study, white paper; whatever it is that you are writing!

1. Keywords - They are pivotal, important and definitely matter. If you are anything like me and you aren’t sure about what a keyword is, first of all please know that I understand you. Secondly, here’s a short note courtesy of the Copyblogger as to why keywords are essential- any search engines (such as Google or Bing), reflect what’s important to people i.e. what matters. This is done through the use of keywords.

Search engines use ‘search-optimised‘ data, this necessarily includes search-optimised titles. Therefore, when choosing a title or headline its advisable to conduct search engine keyword research. Don’t worry, Google has a site for this. Simply understand that keywords are part of the ‘language’ that our niche audience speaks and understands.

2. Learning How to write enaging, catchy and attention-grabbing headlines is entirely possible. As I navigate the world of copywriting it’s amazing and freeing to know that I can learn the skills of the trade. I’m able to tweak and enhance my existing skills as a writer, lawyer and educator.

3. List Content works! Here are a few examples:

- ‘25 Clever Content Marketing Tips’

- ‘10 Ways to Pay off $20,000 of Student Loans’

- ’How to Build a Shopify Account in 5 Easy-to-Replicate Steps‘

Alright, it’s back to the drawing board for me. Such fun!

Patricia Mezu is the founder Content With Words, writing strategic professional stories.

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