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What I Like To Write

Because I have a number of professions - lawyer, educator and qualified life balance coach, there's a lot that I like to pen. You may well ask - where do these three meet? I guess they meet in the middle somewhere and that's good enough. For you that means I'm able to identify with precision and fine detail, while appreciating a need for empathy and fun.

Writing Portfolio: Text

Best Practice Guides

Guide for Sanitising Preschools
Guide For Choosing The Right Homeschooling Curriculum

Content For Preschools

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Content Creation for Solopreneurs

Writing Web Content 
Blog Writing
Email Writing


Manual For Reopening A Preschool
Covid Cleaning Protocols
Manual For Leading A Preschool

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Writing Resumes For Clients To Stand Out

Writing Portfolio: Services
Writing Portfolio: Case Studies

Latest Projects

During the crisis linked to the virus, I have taken the time to research relevant data in education. I created a series - 'Pandemic Prepared Preschools'. The content of this series is aimed at providing leaders within early childhood education with relevant and up to date resources, as they plan to reopen preschools. Subscribe for a free resource.

Writing Portfolio: Pro Gallery
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