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I write résumés that will get you noticed, leading to career success, improved confidence and financial independence.

Neat Desk

Rewrite Your Résumé With a Content Writing Specialist in 7 Working Days. Includes a career coaching session. 

From AED 360 | USD 99

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Résumé Reviews With Tailored Feedback

Rewrite Your Résumé, CV, Professional Bios

ATS Compliant Documents

Prepare Your Cover Letter

Receive Coaching for Interviews

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Abstract Planet

Thanks so very much!!! Wow Ms Patricia! I got the job! I'm so happy, I'm so excited. Thanks for your encouragement.



My Why

The reason why I work alongside female professionals, educators and solopreneurs is because I understand what it's like to be frustrated and seemingly unheard. You sometimes need to be listened to, knowing that your worth, ability and potential can be translated into a document that communicates your professional story. That's why I write. To cause a shift and transform lives. Contact me today.

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