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5 Tips for Teaching Applications in the UAE

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

I love helping educators! In my business as an early years' educational advisor, coach and mentor, I have witnessed the success of several clients who have moved from:

‘Help!! I have no idea how to find a job” to - “Thank you so much! I have a new job and will start work next week”.

The process of looking for work is more than a prayer. It is more than posting the phrase ‘Interested’ on LinkedIn or Facebook in response to a job advertisement. It takes planning. Building a foundation from which you can launch your career or move forwards from your existing one.

There is no magic formula. I’m speaking from the stance of a resume writer who advocates ‘The Right Resume’. However, I recognise this is not the only way to secure a new position. I have been head-hunted for jobs without a resume or CV. But not to confuse you. This article is about applying for teaching jobs in the UAE. Please note that my specialist is early childhood education and development.

5 Tips for Teaching Applications in the United Arab Emirates ('UAE').

  1. Mindest: ‘Begin with the end in mind’. Work within an effective mindset to define your vision and purpose. It will make a difference. I understand that we want to earn salaries and support our families. This is essential. However, for over 18 years, in the education industry, many see teaching as ‘easy’, thinking they can simply transition from existing careers (e.g. engineering), to become a teacher and enjoy the luxury of long summer breaks. I assure you there is much, much, more to it than summer breaks. So… establish your goals from the get-go.

  2. Qualifications: The KHDA has clear parameters for school teachers:

    1. A class teacher must have a recognised Bachelor’s Degree in Education [B.Ed] or; postgraduate certificate/diploma in education or Master’s Degree in Education [M.Ed].

    2. A subject teacher must have a minimum of recognised Bachelor's degree relevant to the subject taught.

    3. Early childhood teachers must have a Bachelor's degree in early childhood education OR a professional teacher status, to a vocational certification in early childhood education (for example, Level three vocational qualification/ Post-secondary, non-tertiary qualification).

  3. Language Proficiency: For this tip, it’s back to the KHDA for guidance. Please note that other emirates in the UAE are likely to have similar requirements.

    1. A teacher teaching the English language as a subject must have an IELTS Band Score of at least 7 (IELTS “good user”) or equivalent.

    2. A teacher using English as the language of instruction must have an IELTS Band Score of at least 6 (IELTS “competent user”) or equivalent.

    3. A teacher teaching a language other than English must have evidence of language proficiency as specified by appropriate authorities and curricula.

  4. Fitness to Teach: This can be overlooked, but it is a requirement. A teacher must make a declaration of fitness to practice in the teaching profession.

  5. Being of Good Standing: I know it sounds like an old-fashioned term for the millennials amongst us, but it is still important. A teacher must have:

    1. A UAE police clearance certificate

    2. A letter from the school, confirming the teacher is in good standing

    3. A teacher who has not resided continuously in the UAE for at least five years after arriving in the UAE must have a police clearance certificate from each country of residence over the past five years.

As a teacher or educator, if you have no idea where to start when job-seeking in the UAE these are good tips. The five tips are also helpful for any managers or leaders looking for work here in the UAE.

I am a resume writer, coach and mentor for early years leaders and educators. The success stories from my clients include:

  • Sighs of relief, huge smiles and laughter when they receive notice of a new job

  • Increase in income

  • Improved confidence levels

  • Better self-esteem

  • Job satisfaction

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  1. Author’s experience and personal research.

  2. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai (‘KHDA’). The regulatory authority responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai.

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