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How to Secure the Job of your Dreams in Early Education.

Are you an early years educator, looking for work?

If you have received information from me in the last month, you will know that there are a good number of jobs available in the UAE. My Wakelet site is evidence of this and is updated weekly.

While having a good and easy source to find a job is essential, it is also important to have a system before looking for work.

As a coach and writer, I use a three-step system with early years educators. It’s called The MSP Method©.

  1. Mindset - your thought process. What are you thinking about; how do your thoughts influence your actions? Answering these questions will build your confidence. I achieve this through a coaching session with you. This is a unique benefit that I provide to my clients.

  2. Story - Writing your CV or résumé professionally. Use industry-specific standards to share your professional story with employers. Up to 85% of early years teachers applying for work in the UAE do not have industry-standard CVS and will not be selected for a job because of this. Having the best resume is pivotal for your success.

  3. Plan - Create a plan. Then implement a strategy for your job search. I highly recommend creating a plan for your job search! Joining a Facebook group is one part of a strategy. Taking additional steps to implement a strategy will move you closer to where you want to be.

I’d like to hear about any questions that you have. Where are you feeling stuck when looking for a job? Feel free to email me using my content writing address:


Patricia Mezu M.A.Ed. is an early years expert and content writer, ideally placed to help you build confidence, write your professional story and secure success in your career.

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