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It's Time for You To Be Seen & Heard!

Here’s an unusual truth. There are a lot of women who are simply unseen, professionally under nourished and overstepped.

That may sound negative to start with, but the truth is compelling.

I’ve been working with female professionals, educators, entrepreneurs and leaders for over 10 years. Combining coaching with writing professional stories in the form of resumes, CVS, professional bios and LinkedIn profiles has led to a series of open doors for my clients.

I have had the privilege of meeting a good number of women who are:

▶️ Underpaid

▶️ Bored with what they do

▶️ Underwhelmed

▶️ Unrecognized

▶️ Frustrated by disparity

▶️ Fed up with trying hard with little reward

How does that sound? Impossible? I wouldn’t say so, primarily because I have seen women in the category analyzed above, transformed.

Change takes many forms it could come via a conversation or a coaching session or a well written résumé. Some of these tools put on the light in a dark and dreary room. It allows women to see who they are, what they are capable of and where they need to be. It provides a roadmap for solutions.

This represents my professional journey. It’s insightful and also compelling. Here’s what else I know about those women that I described above. They are (at the very least):

☀️ Able

☀️ Qualified

☀️ Creative

☀️ Resilient

☀️ Ready to make a difference

☀️ Ingenious

Does that sound like you? Caught in between the power of possibility and the trappings of inability?

If it does I’m inviting you to contact me for a free 15-minute discovery call. I excel in possibility coaching and written professional stories.

Click Here To Access My Calendar See you (virtually) soon!

This is what one of my client's said this week, after being coached and receiving a brand new CV:

" You really don't know how happy I am! I keep going through my CV. Thank you for everything! I will definitely refer more people...
Carol | Educator in Dubai

Patricia Mezu | LL.M., M.A. Ed.

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