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Tips For Re-Opening Preschools After Quarantine

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It will seem like the start to a new academic year when nurseries and preschools eventually follow the precedent set by Denmark, Norway and a few other countries and open the doors for children to return.

We have been keeping a close eye on the process for restarting and as educational content writers, thinking about what will work. It's very much a situation that will evolve through trial and error and that has to be acceptable, as long as the children are safe and secure.

Here are 3 tips that we have created with the restart in mind. To receive the full document, simply email us (, with the title - 'Nursery Restart'.

  • In your preschool toolkit, place fun and engaging content and scripted conversations around the virus and returning to preschool; as well as the new hygiene rules. The aim is not to overdo it, or labour the point, but to raise awareness and gauge any social and emotional issues that may arise.

  • Visual clues and signs will be helpful for younger children. It will be essential to give the children time to adapt. As educators, we know that young children can be fairly resilient, therefore creating the right and developmentally appropriate environment for them to thrive will be necessary.

  • Plan for a renewed teacher:child ratio. It will be important to consider this carefully, as the number of children per class is likely to be smaller. With the new physical distancing regulations, the normal teacher/adult to child ratios will be changing.


We look forward to hearing from you to receive the full document, with a total of 7 useful tips.

You are welcome to e-mail:

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